In order to complete this assignment, we had to create a propaganda design and tie it to our course character. According to Professor Bond’s statement in our assignment description, propaganda is meant to be an enticing message to the masses in order to influence a group of people in order to further an agenda. Making a propaganda poster from the viewpoint of Aggressive Technologies was the approach I chose to pursue. “The Only Thing Better Than AI is Aggressive Technologies,” reads my propoganda poster. With this poster, Aggressive Technologies want to draw attention to AI, but more significantly, to their own business. Because they aim to spread their AI technology around the globe, they want to instill the idea of artificial intelligence in everyone.  The majority of people find aggressive technologies and AI fascinating. Aggressive Technologies is a formidable technological business that aims to transform every aspect of human existence through AI. The world is unaware that Aggressive Technologies aspires to spy and monitor people’s homes everywhere in the world, like to Big Brother. The CEO of Aggressive Technologies has negative plans for AI, but it will take time for everyone to catch on.

You might wonder how this relates to my course. Julius Lawrence, as you might have read in previous blog entries, my course character is presently being investigated for insider trading after Aggressive Technologies made this claim. Xander Neurotic, a buddy of Julius’s, is currently working to revolutionize AI technology, though not nearly to the same extent as Aggressive Technologies. Though the world is unaware that Aggressive Technologies is attempting to employ AI to take over the world, Julius is aware that the company is trying to paint him and Xander as the villains. What will happen next?? 

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