Completing three assignment bank audio tasks was the next task for this week. The first one I choose is available at Breaking News Assignment. The instructions for this assignment were rather straightforward: create a breaking news story. I had to write something to say and use text-to-speech AI to read it. Since we had to include AI or Dr. Oblivion in at least two of our assignment bank assignments, I chose to use the character from my course for this assignment.

As seen in the video below, Julius is apparently considering stepping down at his highly coveted role as an Investment Banker at Goldman Sachs to pursue his true love, Basketball. As told in the reports, several NBA teams have reached out to Julius about him signing an NBA contract with their teams. As of now it seems like the Philadelphia Sixers are the frontrunners to land Julius, as he is a huge admirer of Joel Embiid and his basketball skills. Reportedly teams saw Youtube and Twitter highlights of Julius playing and realized he had all the same skills back in his college playing days at UVA, but seemed to be in better shape and more skilled than before. Julius had been quietly working on his basketball skills every moment he had free, along with running before work to keep in tip top shape. While he forewent going to the NBA when he was 22, he seemingly has regretted that decision and will now take his talents to the NBA. 

Making this video was lots of fun, especially because I had seen AI generated voiceover videos before, but was never able to create one myself. I always find enjoyment in creating a storyline for my course character, because he is whatever I want him to be. His story is exciting to me and I hope to continue with it throughout the rest of the semester. 

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