The “Event Poster” task was the second assignment from the bank that I decided to complete. I’m expected to make a poster for an event that is coming up, which could be anything I want, so this assignment should be rather straightforward. Above is my finished project. I used the character I created for the course, who is educating young adults and college students about wise financial decisions. He is putting up these event posters throughout New York City in the hopes of drawing in a lot of Columbia and New York University students. As an investment banker, Julius feels that those who lack knowledge about investing or managing their money should be educated. The image I made with DALL-E 3 from ChatGPT 4 has weird characters and misspellings, which I don’t understand. Why is his name Julius Lawrence spelled Julus Lawrennce and investment spelled Iiveestiment? I’m not sure why that is the case, as I provide clear guidelines, and mispronouncing words is not one of them. I hope a large number of people show up for Julius’ investment information session; I think it will be very beneficial!

You can find the assignment here, Event Poster.

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  1. What underlies AI text generators is a statistical analysis of relationships among words. I think what underlies the image generators is a statistical analysis of relationships among pixels, and among words and images. So we see patterns of pixels that resemble text, but the model isn’t trained to the point where it can produce words accurately or with much meaning.

    What I wonder is how you could build on this. You could use an image editor or office program to correct the faked text and make it look like an actual poster. You could probably get away with ignoring the smaller type and just do the parts that are large enough to read without zooming in. You could also make something out of the unexpected things that showed up. Is that &|8 symbol on his shoulder some kind of logo? What might it mean? The designs on his jacket remind me of circuitry. That might suggest wearable electronics, or a cyborg. Is there a backstory there?

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