Writing a blog post detailing my character’s response to some of the designs and PSAs created by the other students in the class is the final assignment for week 7. I started by writing about this propaganda assignment: Propoganda Assignment. Because Julius, my course character, is a traditionalist and believes that AI should not take over the world, even though he enjoys some features of it, would not approve of this propaganda image. Additionally, Julius believes that aggressive technologies will incorporate AI. Furthermore, Julius would undoubtedly voice concerns about the author’s scenario, in which Aggressive Technologies collaborates with CIA cybersecurity. He would be concerned about possible misuse and invasion of privacy. Though Julius would not approve of the propaganda ad overall, he would acknowledge the great potential of AI in improving cybersecurity.

This PSA was the second post I looked at, found atPSA Assignment. Julius would begin by praising the good things mentioned in the PSA and stressing how crucial it is to maintain human contact. Julius would voice concerns about the prospect of AI being involved in every aspect of human activity, even while he acknowledges AI’s contributions to the construction of robot companions and the creation of art. Julius would support caution when using AI in order to make sure that it complements rather than takes the place of the special attributes of human connection.

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