This week’s assignments also included announcing the ds106 radio station and making a radio bumper that lasted between ten and thirty seconds. In between songs, this bumper would play to remind listeners that they are connected to ds106 radio! It was my first time using Audacity, but it was a fairly easy program to use to create my audio. I used Jad Abumrad’s phrases, “creativity” and “imagination,” when I was designing the bumper. Even though some of what I stated may sound cheesy, the main goal is to draw in listeners, so that’s what matters most. Since I assume that most of the listeners to the ds106 radio station are creative thinkers with an optimistic view on life, I chose pretty generic uplifting music for the background of my bumper. All in all, I had fun creating this bumper and I hope to have it played on ds106 radio. If you would want to listen to the radio bumper, here is the link.

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