All the Relaxation is the name of the final assignment bank work I choose to do, which you can find here, All the Relaxation assignment. I have to make a video of soothing sounds for this assignment that may be played for more than ten hours. I decided to complete this project since I occasionally listen to these sounds when trying to work or when I can’t sleep at night. I used sounds of the ocean, birds chirping, wind chimes, a piano player, and a stream of water in this audio. All of these sounds, for me, are calming. All in all, what I really wanted from this assignment was to enjoy myself and be able to produce something that I would like listening to when I am relaxing. Listen to it here, and then comment about your thoughts!

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  1. I really enjoyed listening to your relaxing sounds and thought you made a great combination of sounds to make it more relaxing. I would have never thought about using the piano player to be so relaxing. Is there a specific reason as to why you chose the pinao over other instruments? Great work!

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