The video project was the only task assigned to us this week. Read this article to learn more about the project planning that Rishi and I completed: Video Project Plan. We discovered that it would be difficult to incorporate our course characters into the final video when we were putting the project together. Therefore, we made the decision to use AI to create brief, 8-second videos of every segment we had scheduled for last week. Next, we would use the audio from our script to overlay the video segments. In order to seamlessly transition between the various components of the video, we incorporated a few additional photos featuring music overlays. The general approach to this project reminded me a little bit of the audio project as both required the creation of a script with audio and music overlay, but this project required visual elements as well. We made the decision to concentrate more on regular AI for this project and less on aggressive technologies. In our video, the AI-filled universe is discovered by our course characters, who then explore it all. I am pleased with the outcome of our video; please watch it below and share your thoughts!

Video Project!

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