I had to choose between three video assignment bank assignments and “talk to the bot” in week six. In the end, I decided to complete three assignments from the bank because I think there is always something fascinating to do. For my first assignment, I had to make a top 10 list or ranking video on YouTube. Here is the result: My Top 10 NBA Players (with a slight twist). I ranked my top 10 NBA players with a slight twist. I had a great time doing this, and I would absolutely do it again in the future. The next video assignment I choose to work on required me to make a tiktok of your pet acting in a funny manner and overlay the video with a funny or well-known sound. Having fun, I gave my course character a dog of his own. You can view my tiktok at My Course Character’s First Dog, with a TikTok included if you’d like. My latest video assignment was really simple, all I had to do was record a video, no more than eight seconds, of me doing somethat that I do every day. Check out what I decided to do at My Daily Activity. It may not be the most creative idea ever, but I do it every single day. Next, I put a bit of work into creating the story for my course character that you can see here: Julius Lawrence faces uphill battle vs Aggressive Technologies. This was a lot of fun because it developed my character’s plot and I was able to connect him to a classmate’s course character. After that, on Saturday, I completed the Daily Creates at Daily Create #1. additionally on Monday: Daily Create #2. As Professor Bond mentions, I feel a sense of community and connection among the DS106 students, therefore I left comments on a few blogs made by classmates.

This week, too, I finished my assignments without any issues. Making the YouTube video featuring the top ten NBA players was the assignment I most enjoyed this week. To be honest, it wasn’t that difficult to make, and I was pleased with the outcome. As a huge sports fan, I grew up watching videos about rankings, so creating my own was fun. If you have been following the journey of my course character, who happens to be an NBA player right now, I also added a little twist to my rankings. In the future, maybe, I’ll create some more ranking videos!

Honestly, I wouldn’t change a thing. I think I completed each task to the best of my ability. I don’t have any questions right now. Everything was finished carefully, thus my work isn’t experiencing any major issues.

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  1. Great job on being so efficient with your work and time this week! Seems like you are really getting the hang of things in this class and am excited to see what else you come up with for the rest of this semester. Keep grinding!

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